Google+ History's Shadow I: Legends Born


History's Shadow I: Legends Born is a tale of two heroes, each a villain in the other's eyes. Two books, two sides, two missions: one story. A new spin on the timeless clash of opposing forces, where it is not so simple to discern good from evil. As is often the case in life, perspective is everything.

Will you join Fausta—navigating the web of secrets woven by her teachers—as she and the Sons of Sphinx fight to save the Brotherhood and unlock the secrets to awakening their imprisoned father? During a time of turmoil and betrayal, she alone can bring unity to the world of magic. That is, if she can stay alive long enough. For a wizard without magic, evading sorcerer hunters, surviving the war and earning the respect of other wizards is no easy task. Can she reunite the brotherhood and end the war for once and for all, or is she merely a pawn in a game she has no desire to play?

Or will you follow Tahir—struggling with the idea that his mentors may be manipulating his destiny—as he and his band of adventurers fight sorcerer, beast and man to end the war on magic? During a time of revolution and paranoia, it is up to him to end the war and bring peace to the worlds of magics and men. That is, if they prevent the awakening of a powerful sorcerer who would only bring confusion and discord to the world of magic. Can he protect mankind and lead the magical beings he's come to love to safety, or is the dream he pursues only an illusion?

Their journeys take them on paths that inevitably collide. In the end, there can only be one victor; on which side will you fight? Choose wisely, for the fate of the world may very well depend on it.

Travel the world through generations and uncover the truths that hide in History's Shadow.